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Electrical Service

Electrical system is another very important system present in the house, and one which keeps the house efficiently going. However, it is the most technical and critical to manage system and requires meticulous attention. The technicalities with the wires and switches can only be dealt by a professional electrician and not anyone amateur. We are providing expert electrical services and professional electricians to help you maintain the system perfectly going. We understand how essential it is to give super attention to the electrical wiring and systems while fixing them. One wrong move can cause a spark and might as well hurt you or your property.

Highly Trained and Professional Staff of Electrician

If you are worried about the mishandling of electrical works and equipment, don’t worry! Our prime value is providing excellence and high-quality electrical maintenance. We have hired the most skillful electrical service providers and each electrician working with us goes through a proper extensive training to get perfect at what they do! We have a specific proficiency criteria and the training is given to make every worker perfect according to the requirements so that our agency can easily continue delivering top-notch quality yet affordable electrical services. The electricians use proper safety gear and fully know how to safely handle all the electric wires and equipment so that there is no danger for you and your family while the work is being done! our workers will make sure to work in a fully safe manner to ensure safety while they provide you with the best services. We have a team of expert electricians always available to help people who need urgent assistance or fixing.

We have electricians having their expertise in a vast variety of electrical works. No matter what electric issue you are facing at your work or home, we guarantee to provide you with a perfect solution in an affordable cheap price that you can’t find with any other electrical agency in Pakistan.


Most important things in any home and building are a flow of water and leakage problem these things make your house more competitive or worst even you can’t live in it. Once start leaking of water in wall or ceiling then it could be damage your wall as well as ceiling and any time blocks leave the structure and fell down. Which is really risky and harmful for health?

These things when started when you ignore the small amount of leakage from pipe or tap or from the bathtub. Then these things start to penetrate in the wall and start damage the paint first then blocks come out from the structure.

Bathroom water leakage is dangerous to risk because there is so much high-pressure pipe installed under the ceiling once its start leakage all the ceiling fall down which is really bad thing in any bathroom so basically you should maintain all these small leakages keep in check for any hazard keep on eyes on pipes and keep on eyes on water heater leakage.

Civil Maintenance

Where civil maintenance forms a part of the contract, we conduct a full inspection of all common areas, rectifying any issues that need to be dealt with immediately, then designing a project-specific preventative maintenance programme at designated time intervals.

Our civil scope includes interior and exterior painting, masonry, fit-outs, snagging and refurbishment. Building fabric elements include walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, doors, ironmongery, finishing or water-proofing.

Within our initial and ongoing evaluations, we prepare a full report of the general condition of the structure and building fabric, noting the critical points of deterioration or concern.

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Asian Synergy SMC (Pvt) Ltd. Service realizes once a prospect becomes a customer you must do all you can to assure their loyalty and satisfaction. these are our valuable partners

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